There’s a specially made jelly that doctors are now using to treat patients with arthritis. Ironic as it may sound, but this special and wobbly gelatin can serve as a cure for treating your beleaguering arthritic knees. You’d be surprised to learn that this gelatin is made from umbilical cord blood and therefore, not for consumption.

Doctors have found in an ongoing study that stem cells are able to produce a 67 percent improvement in relieving a patient from cartilage pain. The stem cells obtained from umbilical cord blood showed that it can restore a cartilage’s former state before it was damaged.

Stem cell jellies are made by first extracting the stem cells from the blood. Then, doctors grow them in
the lab where they eventually turn into a gelatinous substance. During treatment, the surgeon inserts the jelly on the damaged area of the knee.

According to the doctors, using these stem cells could help patients with osteoarthritis, allowing them to
have another option aside from the use of painkillers, physiotherapy, steroids, and partial or total joint replacement surgery.

[Photo Credit: Cillian Storm on Flickr]

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